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  • Walter Cronkite Knew What Was Coming

  • Why I stopped eating gluten

    Lisa’s mom recently shared a story with us about how she had some food allergy testing done and it was determined that she was allergic to wheat and/or gluten. She had some significant improvements to her skin since she’s stopped eating gluten and is happy with the lifestyle change. This lead Lisa into doing the […]

  • Today at the Apple Store

    During my trip to the Apple store today, I saw: An employee wearing a calculator watch Overheard an employee saying to a customer, “Everything else is Me now.” Saw a female employee dressed JUST like Waldo from “Where’s Waldo?” Another female employee with a snake bite piercing (2 rings in her lower lip). A female […]

  • It’s Hard to get Noticed

    One more thing on getting noticed that I found annoying. I specifically remembered applying for a job at a fast growing company that was new to the Portland area with the job title of Operations Analyst. I applied for the job and was excited about the opportunity because I was very interested in working for […]


    I’m employed again and I love it! More on that later… (yay!) I’ve learned a lot of of things over the last 9 months. Here’s what I’ve discovered. It is really hard to get noticed. During my unemployed time, I discovered that there are many jobs in Portland that I was qualified for. On average, I […]

  • America’s Top Biking City, Portland

  • 2012 Tour de France Review

    The 2012 Tour de France came to a close Sunday and Bradley Wiggins, the favorite to win it all, stood on the top of the podium sporting the yellow jersey. It wasn’t a surprise but it did mark the first time a British rider would win the Tour de France. Here’s the most memorable moments […]

  • Stage 20 Review

    The final stage of the Tour de France is largely a ceremonial showcase for the winner of the yellow jersey, as well as each of the other jersey winners, but it’s also the final opportunity for the sprinters to capture a stage victory. Traditionally, the winner of the tour poses with his team and the […]

  • Stage 19 Review, Stage 20 Preview

    Time trials are typically not the most fun events to watch on TV but they are the purest form of competition available during the bike race. Each of the riders will race the same course, one at a time, and whomever does it quickest that day will be the winner. It seems logical but it’s […]

  • Stage 18 Review, Stage 19 Preview

    Stage 18 produced one of the most exciting finishes of this year’s edition of the Tour de France. A large break away formed early with 16 riders. Included in the bunch were Vinokourov, the rider I predicted that would win today’s stage. Vino would attack repeatedly until he was able to drop all but 2 […]

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